Training and Advice
Tryouts for the USIMLT are broken down into a preliminary and final tryout stage. Preliminary tryouts are conducted using scores fired at regional shoots, major competitions, and witnessed "tag" tryouts-by-mail targets (for shooters who cannot make it to other matches). The best five scores that an individual fires in a given event are added, and the shooters with the highest totals are invited to the final tryouts.

Shooters with the best total preliminary tryout scores will be invited to the final tryouts. In 2002, the MLAIC decided to increade the number of shooters per country to 16 shooters per event, evenly split between original and replica categories. The final number of shooters to make the final tryouts is normally 12 in both original and replica categories.

Final tryouts are normally held co-located with the Zone Championships. Due to the travel costs, it is normal to hold several other final tryout matches throughout the Unites States for shooters who cannot make it to the Zones. Final team selection is primarily based on the final tryout scores, as well as past performance in international competition.


Match Regulations
The general rules for international black powder competition are pretty simple. All firearms must be either original, or replicas of original arms in the spirit of the original. Changes that do not improve performance, such as a stainless steel barrel, are acceptable. Changes that do improve performance, such as glass bedding, are strictly prohibited.

For rifle and pistol events, the course of fire is 13 shots on the appropriate target (B-17 International Precision Pistol target, except for smoothbore) in 30 minutes. No sighter rounds are fired, but the lowest-scoring three shots are dropped from the scoring.

Download and view a list of the individual events in the MLAIC matches.
Download and view international rules for the competition


A Standard to Maintain
Following is an article by Mike McDaniels, Squad Leader for the award-winning pistol team. It is packed with great information and shooting tips for those setting out in this exciting sport as well as solid information for "old hands."

Downloadable version of revised USIMLT Guidebook for competitors. Especially useful for new team members.

Contact the webmaster to order a USIMLT poster.

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Blackpowder Shooting Organizations

Muzzle Loading Associations International Committee - World governing body for international black powder shooting competition

Muzzle-Loading Association of Great Britain - Governing body for black powder shooting in the UK. Fields British team for World and European Zone Championships. Nice bulletin board.

National Muzzle-Loading Rifle Association - U.S. muzzle-loading shooting organization

North-South Skirmish Association - U.S. black powder shooting organization dedicated to preserving and shooting arms from the American Civil War. Bulletin board is highly recommended.

National Rifle Association

Civilian Marksmanship Program

Research Press (British Long Range Shooting)

Canadian Muzzle Loading Team Match Schedule

Japanese Muzzle Loading Team

USA Shooting

Target Shooter Online

Guidebooks, Rules, Tricks of the Trade

Bullseye Pistol Online Encyclopedia - Not muzzle-loading, but a lot of shooting information that is generic in nature. Lots of useful links, including to online copies of the manuals put out by the military shooting teams.

MLAIC Constitution and Rules Hitchiker's Guide to Shooting Glory- Pilkington Competition is one of the bigger vendors of top-quality target pistols. The Hitchikers's Guide has a lot of useful mental tips. Highly recommended for top-level shooters.

Blackpowder Cartridge e-News Magazine

Muzzle Blasts Online

Lyman Products - Source for moulds, information about casting, publications of interest.

The Single Shot Exchange-excellent articles on long range shooting and other topics of interest.

Vendors and Supporters

Euroarms - Manufacturer of replica muzzle-loading arms, particularly of the Civil War era. They're a good team sponsor, so go buy their guns.

GOEX - Official team gunpowder. They're a good team sponsor, so help them out and buy their gunpowder.

Hornady - Official supplier of round balls to the team. Good quality swaged bullets. - Site built by Sig Sugawa, of the Japanese team, dealing with Japanese matchlocks.

Lodgewood Manufacturing - Distributors of parts. If Bill doesn't have parts for a Civil War firearm, start wondering if you are looking for something that doesn't exist.

Ox-Yoke - Official supplier of shooting patches and cleaning supplies to the USIMLT.

Davide Pedersoli & Co. - Another team sponsor, and manufacturer of high-quality replica firearms. Their Gibbs rifle is particularly well-regarded by the long-range team.

Swiss Black Powder - Makers of high-grade gunpowder.