U.S. Wins Gold at 25th MLAIC Championships
Pforzheim, Germany

U.S. Medalists at 25th MLAIC Championships

Team USA excelled once again at the World Championships. Individual team members earned two gold medals, two silver medal and two bronze medals, plus two silver team awards.
Gene Kinnel, Mike McDaniels and Bob Lineaweaver win Team Silver

Bob Pence brought home the gold for the United States with his shotgun in the original Manton competition with a new world record score of 24.

At his first world championship, Bob Lineaweaver took home a gold medal in the Remington Original competition as well as a silver in the Donald Malson Original with a score of 82. Bob and his team which included Gene Kinnel and Mike McDonald snagged silver in the Adams team competition.

Robert Howard, Bob Peloquin and Tom Warabak netted a silver medal in the Hibuta team competition.
Mike Arnette was another Team USA silver medalist, standing on the podium for the Miquelet Original competition.

Gene Kinnel received Bronze in the Vetterli Original, scoring a 97. Bob Peloquin also received a Bronze medal for his score of 85 in the Tanzutsu Original competition.





Bob Pence Setting NewWorld Record

Gold and Silver Medalist Bob Lineaweaver

Mike Arnette Wins Silver in Miquelet

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Updated 12/10/11