10th MLAIC World Championship

Camp Butner, North Carolina, September, 2015

Reproduction Match 900 Yard Match - Final
300 Yard Team Match - Final 500 Yard Team Match - Final 600 Yard Team Match - Final
900 Yard Team Match Team - Final 1000 Yard Team Match - Final Mid Range Team Match - Final
Original 300 yard Match Final Original 500 yard Match Final Original 600 yard Match Final
Original Match 1000 Yard - Final Original Match 900 Yard - Final Original Match Grand Agg - Final
Original Match long Range Match - Final Original midrange Match Final Reproduction 300 Yard Match Final
Reproduction 500 Yard Match Final Reproduction 600 Yard Match Final Reproduction Match 1000 Yard Match - Final
Reproduction Match 900 Yard Match - Final Reproduction Match Grand Aggregate - Final Reproduction Match Long Range Match - Final
Reproduction Midrange Match Final Team Match Long Range Team - Final Team Match Team Grand Aggregate - Final




8th MLAIC Long Range World Muzzle Loading Championships, Bisley, England, 2011 Scores

8th MLAIC LR Photos

7th MLAIC Long Range World Muzzle Loading Championships, Butner, North Carolina, USA, 2009

7th MLAIC Long Range Results

Americans Win Gold at 7th MLAIC LR

All matches, 1996 to 2007

New World Records





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