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Visit 25th MLAIC World Championships on Flickr that includes
US competitors from the World Championships in Pforzheim, Germany. Photos by Todd Wenzel

lr team

Visit 762-AK's Flickr photo gallery that includes US
competitors at the 8th MLAIC Longrange Competition
in Bisley, UK, 2011, competition results and witty
commentary from other side of the pond.


Visit Pacific Zone's Photostream on Flickr that includes
US competitors at the 14th and 15th Pacific Zone Championships. Also check out Brenda Godshalk and Todd Wenzel's photos on USIMLT photostream.

mike fb

Visit David Brigden's MLAIC Facebook page that includes information about the MLAIC, useful links, photos from recent and past MLAIC competitions.


Visit USIMLT's photostream on Flickr for photos of the U.S. Long Range team at the World Championships in Bisley, UK.

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