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The United States International Muzzle-Loading Team represents the United States in international competition with black powder firearms. Major competitions include the Zone Championships, held in odd-numbered years, and the World Championships, held in even-numbered years.

The World Muzzle-Loading Championships, held since 1972, is the highest level of target shooting with muzzle-loading arms. Guns used range from Japanese matchlock muskets, through the flintlock arms of the American Revolution, to the percussion rifles and pistols of the Civil War era. Individual competitions are held in eight rifle, four pistol, and two shotgun events. Original antique arms and modern replicas compete in separate classes. Approximately 550 competitors, representing 25 countries, compete in a typical World Championships. It's the Biggest League in the World.

The USIMLT was formed in 1976 to field a team to represent the United States in international competition. In the United States, there were several organizations that had active black powder shooting programs, including the National Rifle Association, the North-South Skirmish Association, the National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association, and the Brigade of the American Revolution. Each group had some good shooters - and some of the best were members of more than one group. However, no American organization specialized in the International style of competition, which has significantly different rules from anything normally shot in the USA.

As a result, the USIMLT was formed as an independent organization, able to select the best competitors from the whole spectrum of American muzzle-loading. This has proven highly successful, as the USIMLT has been one of the strongest teams in international competition.

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U.S. Team at 14th Pacific Zone Championships, 2011

U.S. Team at 8th MLAIC Long Range World Championship, 2011
(photo by 762-AK)

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