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Although muzzle loading hunting and competitive shooting has always been a popular and prestigious European sport, it was not until 1971 when the first international championship took place in France. During a meeting in 1970, an initial set of common rules for the competitions was established by the founding nations of Great Britain, Germany, Italy, France and the United States, and the Muzzle Loaders Associations International Committee (MLAIC) was born. The following year marked the first World Championship. Despite its status as a founding member, the USA was unable to field a competitive team until our own bicentennial year--1977--when the first official U.S. International Muzzle Loading Team traveled to Versailles, France. There is turned in an exemplary performance, setting two new world records and winning the coveted Grand Aggregate Cup.

Since those early days of international competition the sport has grown rapidly. The world organization has expanded to nearly thirty participating nations and continues to add new members, as well as individual and team matches, yearly. Competition has become extremely intense, reaching Olympic proportions. Perfect scores are now shot routinely and world records are shattered at every World Championship event. It is indeed a great achievement for a competitor to stand on the awards platform and hear his or her country's anthem and know that it places him or her among the best marksmen in the world.

Betty Peloquin Takes Home the Gold


usa prideUSA Pride at the 24th World Championships

all americanFlag Girl at 24th World Championships in Portugal


What We Do
The United States International Muzzle Loading Committee is a non-profit corporation created in 1976 to recruit the best shooters possible from our country's muzzle loading community to become members of the United States International Muzzle Loading Team and compete in the MLAIC World Championship events. Our goals are those of the MLAIC, which include:

  • Encouraging muzzle loading shooting, with a view toward developing a high proficiency in the use of antique arms;
  • Developing public interest in antique arms by using them in competitions held as closely as reasonably possible to original conditions and style.
  • Preventing any alteration that would spoil the historical value of these firearms, and promoting intelligent cleaning and repair to preserve them; and
  • Developing historical research on antique firearms and shooting methods.

Why We Need You
Although many competing nations receive government funding, American shooters must rely solely on donations from shooting organizations and clubs, industry and private contributors. The expense of traveling throughout the world to participate is great, often reaching several thousand dollars per competitor. In addition, there is the cost of uniforms and shooting equipment and accessories, much of which is frequently "out of pocket" expense for the shooter. This factor often makes recruiting good shooters a much more difficult task and is why so many members of both the team and support staff work tirelessly to raise funds for our competitive efforts.

It is our perpetual goal to field a U.S. Team that will continue to go abroad, compete and bring home the gold.

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