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Welcome to the USIMLT

The United States International Muzzle Loading Committee is a non-profit corporation created in 1976 to recruit the best shooters possible from our country's muzzle loading community to become members of the United States International Muzzle Loading Team and compete in the MLAIC World Championship Events.

The members of the U.S. Team are selected through a qualification process over a two-year cycle and invited to a final tryout program for the naming of each new team. World competition involves a World Championship every other year and a Zone Championship in the alternate year.

Competition is extremely intense, reaching Olympic calibre. Perfect scores are shot routinely, and world records are shattered at every World Championship event. It is indeed a great achievement to stand on the awards platform among the best blackpowder marksmen in the world and hear the anthem one's country played.

United States International Muzzle Loading Team, 27th MLAIC Championships

USIMLT Long Range Team

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Results from the 26th MLAIC are here!
Corrected Lorenzoni (R) results are here.

Todd Wenzel's Photos from the 2017 Long Range World Championship, Australia

Todd Wenzel's Photos from the
15th Pacific Zone Championships in Canada, 2013


Press Releases


USIMLT in Zone and World Championships

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Bob Lineaweaver sets new World Record in the Donald Malson (O) in Hungary, 2016

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